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At Ride Safe USA Motorcycle Licence School, we take great pride in offering a licensed and certified motorcycle school in the Bradenton, FL area. Our school offers classes and training that prepare motorists to safely and efficiently operate motorcycles. We truly are your premier motorcycle license school

Our school is open extended hours to satisfy all kinds of busy schedules. We are open Monday through Sunday, every day of the week, from 8:00 am opening to 10:00 pm closing times. These hours are very popular with our students and instructors.

Our founder is a retired law enforcement officer who has a strong passion for motorcycling. After earning a degree in business, our founder wanted to combine business, motorcycles, and safety into one successful enterprise. That is how we got started.

Students love how we place safety as our number one concern. It is a very serious business to us. We have a certified defensive driving instructor on staff who instills in our students the importance of operating a safe and effective vehicle at all times.

Motorcycling is a passion many have, but few follow up on or learn. Be one of the chosen few who take a passion to the next level in the Bradenton, FL area by finding out more about us, Ride Safe USA Motorcycle Licence School. Satisfaction is guaranteed on all fronts. Start today!

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